Advanced Threat
Interface Granularity
Ability to see how traffic affects not only routers but down to the individual interface as well. Enables deployment-wide aggregation while retaining
fine granularity.
VPN Reporting
Beyond subscribers, gain insight into MPLS-VPN and similar critical enterprise network services that demand adherence to strict SLAs and reliability
Accept Cloud Signalling from Arbor CPE Devices
Receive requests for cloud DDoS mitigation “call for help” from customer premises equipment.
Ability to partition user access and divide resources so that a single deployment can be shared by many customers.
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Integrated DDoS Detection
No distinct component or licence necessary to use both ISP Visibility + DDoS Detection in the same deployment or UI.
Seamless Cloud Integration
Our on premise Enterprise solution has the most seamless and fully featured cloud integration. Customers can have their APS system automatically signal the cloud for help
when their inbound links are overwhelmed or the APS itself is overwhelmed. They can also have the APS automatically populate the cloud signal with the specific hosts or
address ranges under attack, for a fully automatic and surgical cloud mitigation that won't impact traffic to network resources that are not under attack. Customers who
prefer to manage their own cloud signaling can also do all of the above manually at the touch of a button. We also have a robust road map to add to these capabilities with
additional cloud signaling content from the APS to the cloud, enabling customers to have even tighter integration and more control over what’s happening to their traffic in
the cloud.
Traffic Visibility
Even when a customer is not under attack, many find significant value in the sheer data that APS makes available to them. Customers can get insight into traffic patterns
and changes on their network, and how those changes may be affecting particular services. They can get insight into where their traffic is coming from and both short and
long-term trends to predict capacity or load issues in advance. They can also get visibility into the application-layer of their traffic, such as common HTTP request URLs to
web services or queried domains to DNS services.
Quality of Solution
Arbor is known as the premium solution due to our quality. As Tony King, our VP of Sales, has said, “It does what it says on the tin.” Our products are highly reliable, based
on carrier-grade technology. They offer excellent performance and have an extremely broad set of capabilities for how to manage attacks and traffic. They do what we say
and they do it well, much better than any competitor’s product in our view (and the view of many of our customers!).
Best of Breed Security
Arbor offers comprehensive and sophisticated DDoS protection for everything from simple layer 3 / 4 floods, Syn floods, UDP floods, etc., plus many application layer
protections to effectively identify and block attacks to Web services, DNS, VOIP, and other services. We also offer integrated SSL decryption to protect encrypted services
with the application layer protections. We also offer both inbound and outbound advance threat containment alongside DDoS, with our AIF ATLAS Threat Intelligence feed.
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Ease of Use
After some basic setup and service provisioning, our solution “just works” to stop DDoS attacks. The system automatically detects attacks as they happen and
automatically blocks the bad traffic while allowing the good traffic through, all without the customer even needing to be aware that it’s happening.
Managed Services Support
Arbor has robust support for running managed DDoS services using it’s products. This includes features to support the ISP operator of the
service, including full multi-tenancy capability and automation, as well as features to help the end customer of the service including portal UI
access and fine-grained access controls.
Arbor is the only provider that scales to cover the largest service provider networks in a fully integrated fashion with a single pane of glass for
visibility and management.
Speed of Detection / Mitigation
Arbor has industry-leading fast detection and mitigation support, including automation to automatically trigger mitigation when an attack
Network Integration
Arbor has the best integration with service provider networks, including its ability to gather data from the network and manage many different
types of attack responses, including not just Arbor’s own mitigation solution but also BGP Blackhole and BGP Flowspec management for traffic
diversion and blocking of attacks within the network itself.
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Carrier-Grade Quality
Unlike competitors, our products are not enterprise-class products. They were designed from the ground up for carrier networks and have
carrier class quality. Our products do what we say they do, and we stand behind them. When there is a problem we make it work, and our
products don’t just fall down or fail to stop attacks the way our competitors do.
Integration of Detection / Mitigation
Arbor is the only solution that provides comprehensive and fully integrated solutions for both detection/monitoring of the network and in-
network mitigation of attacks.
High Scale & Performance : Focused Network Traffic & Search Architecture
Spectrum was architected for fast performance and scale of search through packet based capture using triggers of an initial Indicator of
Compromise or a flow- based activity of concern/ violation. The combination of a distinct and integrated flow+packet data collection and search
architecture and IOC- based initial packet capture gives greater and superior price/performance and speed for network traffic security analytics
than either flow-based competitors such as Lancope or packet- focused competitors such as Bluecoat or RSA, even if they “bundle or offer” flow
or packets as an additional data source within their solutions.
Fast and unique visualizations and workflows which link threat indicators to all network activity
Spectrum has built distinct workflows and visualizations that tie directory to the work of a responder taking action to investigate a threat within
their network. These enable teams to work more effectively and improve their performance through “built in” workflows that would not be
possible to be created easily with a mid- level or junior operator. These smarts” baked in are unique from competitors in this space.
Atlas intelligence feed
ATLAS Intelligence is a unique approach which collects data from the largest source of active traffic patterns in the world, analyzes them through
an “onion based” process from high level health trend to dissecting every trail and the programs used) to share as a high fidelity set of
indicators in Spectrum. No other Spectrum competitor has an ATLAS- like traffic infrastructure to draw from, or uses the same “onion” approach
to analyze indicators.
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Technology Consolidation
Don’t need to rely on multiple tools or technologies to analyse traffic patterns and detect DoS attacks even though both source from the
same data origin.
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Component Granular Insight
See the exact components of network infrastructure directly affected by traffic patterns rather than relying on them to self-report or individual
checking to see if components are functioning as expected
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Reveal Hidden Traffic Statistics
Gain insight into MPLS-VPN and site-to-site VPN traffic rather than having it remain obscured by virtualization layer (i.e. hidden within layer 2 tunnels)
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